4 Signs It’s Time To Avail Professional Car Servicing In Epsom

Do you know that your vehicle needs to be serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s guidelines? Well, ensuring that your car is running properly is a major part of being a responsible vehicle owner and driver.

professional car repairs in Epsom

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How to Avoid Being Ripped off at a Garage

Visiting a garage for car repairs can be an expensive and baffling experience, especially if you have limited knowledge of car maintenance. Having less to no knowledge leaves drivers to rely more on the mechanics to put their vehicle right. This imbalance in knowledge can even make them prone to easy rip offs as well as sharp practice.

Before Choosing a Garage

Even if you don’t have any knowledge, trawling the Internet or buying a manual for you model, may give you some ideas based on which you can identify gross faults of the car that need to be fixed. Having this knowledge would help you not being overcharged for the work though under the consumer law, a garage can’t charge you irrationally. To get a fair idea of the costs for different repair works, you may shop around at some of the local garages. Whenever you are charged with a price, you should ask whether this is a quote or an estimate for the job. You should also check if it includes all parts, labour charge and VAT. Or else you may be stung.

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Steps to Follow To Avoid Being Fooled.

Now look at these steps following which you can avoid being ripped off by the garage.

  • All the work and parts should be guaranteed for at least one year. This is something that only a very few garages offer. Make sure you ask before handing over any amount.
  • If any part is to be replaced, make sure you ask the garage to show you the part or parts afterwards and explain you what they have done and why. Any reputed garage would be happy to provide you with every explanation and information you require. They might even send you photos and/or free video to your phone so you can see what has been done and its outcomes. This would eliminate any confusion or chances of nasty financial surprises.
  • Asking your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours would be a great way to find a good and reliable garage. However, make sure your acquaintance also drives the same type of car to yours. It would be even better if theirs are also bought from the same manufacturer as yours. People often think that the best place to get their car serviced is the franchised dealer while the reality is there are better alternatives too!
  • It is recommended that you ask the garage technicians about their qualification and experience. However, some information you can also find on the web. Such information includes if they are member of any of the leading motor industry trade bodies like NFDA or have signed up to Motor Codes.
  • Make sure you get invoice and receipt from the garage. You should keep these records safe. Having a complete service history might add notable value to your car. It would also add to the resale value of the car.

So these are just a few tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a garage for car repairs.

How to Find The Right Garage for Car Servicing

As a car owner, there might be only a few things that you hate more than getting your car to a service centre. It’s time-consuming and usually expensive proposition toward car maintenance. From dealing with a car mechanic who tries to upsell needless works that put heavy toll on your pocket to being out of your only (in most cases) means of transport even for weeks and then end up with paying huge bill – car repairs are real hassles. But even then, it should not be that bad.

Tips to Choose The Right Car Repairs
Finding the best garage near you is perhaps the best way to save on your wallet. For example, if you are a resident of Epsom, car servicing Epsom would be just great. The first and foremost step to saving money on your car repairs is to choose a local repair centre that you trust and treats you like the most valued customer of their garage. If you find one like that, just stick with the garage like glue. Choose one that really deserves your business and appreciate them well for being in the business. They are very likely not to charge you steeply or upsell any expensive parts unnecessarily.

car servicing Epsom

Check Online Reviews – Checking online reviews would be a great source to find a local car repair centre offering the best service against reasonable fees. Sites like Yelp could be really fantastic to find out about the track record of that garage. It would also help you understand if the garage offers any speciality service or is stalwart in offering certain types of repairs. However, you must take those online reviews with a pinch of salt and depend on the general trends only not on any specific opinion. Happy customers typically don’t leave any review; even then finding 4 to 5 garage services to choose from on such sites is a real good sign.

Word-of-mouth is a Good Source – You should not underestimate the significance of word-of-mouth. Ask your neighbours or friends staying in your community about where they go for repairing their cars. Community bulletin board, local Facebook group or apartment building website could be a good source to find information on local car repairs.

Participates in Forums – This is another good way to gather information on getting your car repaired at an affordable rate. Some online forums act as hosts to forums for specific makes and models of automobiles. And the best thing about such forums is that they are often visited by the mechanics themselves to look for second opinions or for help identifying issues. You can ask around for garage suggestions depending on the make and model of your car and also your locality.

Visit The Centre – Once you’ve chosen a car servicing centre, visit the site and swing by the lot before you actually make any decision. You should see vehicles in proper condition – not like junk that has been there for ages. The turnover should be good enough with a good flow of customers coming and going. Even if you cannot see into the actual work area, the place should be clean. Talk to the staffs and ask them about their experience, specialties, guarantees, material supplies etc.

These are just a few things you may take care of in order to find the right car servicing centre for your car.

How Regular Servicing Ensures Longer Life of Your Car

Irrespective of the type of your car, regular car servicing is a must to ensure healthier and prolonged life of the vehicle. Not only that, regular car maintenance also saves your hard-earned money and precious time in the long run.

And to avoid unpleasant bills to be paid toward a car service and subsequent repairs, there are things that you can do to improve and extend the life of the car. However, if you’re not aware of how often the vehicle needs to be serviced, keeping up with the look of the car or approaches to lessen the running costs, here are some good tips for you.

How regular servicing ensures longer life of your car

How Frequently Should a Car be Serviced?

The rule of thumb for this is to check the manufacturer’s manual that specifies how often the car should be serviced. Besides, other important systems and components are also worth regular checking. Generally speaking, for older automobiles, an oil and filter change is essential usually every six months or 10,000 km (either comes sooner) at a complete minimum. But if you notice that the car is under performing, getting help from a car repair service is needed. And it’s always recommended that you take your car to a local car repairs – for example, if you’re a resident of Epsom, a local car repairs Epsom would be the best suit for you.

Why is it Required to Get a Car Serviced Regularly?

There are a number of reasons to get your car serviced regularly. Regular and thorough service enhances and extends the life of car components and ensures safety features to be roadworthy. In a nutshell, a regular car service makes a car more reliable, provides better economy and increases resale value. Cars that aren’t serviced on a regular basis are prone to breakdown and have owners pay huge amount toward car repairs. Lastly, regardless of how well a car is maintained, all cars need utmost professional servicing at a regular interval.

How regular servicing ensures longer life of your car

What Does a Regular Car Servicing Include?

The requirements for any particular car’s service entirely depend on its make, model and the obvious problem (if any). However, any service should include the following,

  • Engine oil change
  • Replacement of engine oil filter
  • A careful and systematic safety check

How Long Should a Car be Expected to Last?
Life of a car differs greatly by its make, model, storage, use, driving condition and environment. Nevertheless, regular maintenance, servicing, cleaning and repair certainly ensure its longevity. More than any factor mentioned here, a regular car service by a credible, experienced and skilled service provider is a must for longer life expectancy of any car.

How to Ensure Better Resale Value?
Regular and quality car servicing, washing, necessary repairs are simply inevitable to maximize the resale price of your car. Make sure you keep the entire service history of the car recorded in its log book. It would come handy in case of a quick spruce up of the car before its sale.

Maintaining your car shouldn’t be stressful or steeply expensive. If you take proper care of it through customary servicing and repairs, you can be almost rest assured about its performance and life.

5 Really Cool Tips To Save Money On Car Repairs In Epsom

Though driving your car is exciting, repairing them is not! Not only is it expensive but also time-consuming and boring. Moreover, there are few mechanics who are always waiting to take a toll on your wallet! So, if you are planning to get your faulty vehicle repaired, approach a reliable company who can make the process easier for you.

If you think that saving money while repairing your faulty vehicle is simply not possible, this is exactly the blog for you. Though the task is a bit tough but definitely not impossible. Simply follow few tips and save serious money on car repairs.

car repairs Epsom

Opting For Car Repairs In Epsom? Few Tips To Save Money

  • Read The Manual Carefully
    Reading the owner’s manual is really helpful in familiarising you with the scheduled maintenance guide. You will come to know when the maintenance has been suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Just try to read the manual with little attention. It will not only help you decide when you should approach professionals to repair your car but also take better care of it.
  • Know The Usual Charges
    The cost of car repairs generally varies from place to place so it’s better to know the usual charges in your area. There are also few websites which can provide you with an estimate for the common repairing tasks. You just need to provide them with your zip code and they will offer you a wide range of fair price estimates. Though, opting for the lowest or highest price isn’t a good deal.
  • Avoid Changing Oil Every 3000 Miles
    Though changing your car oil after every 3000 miles was a necessity in the past, but definitely not now. Nowadays, new standards are being followed during car manufacturing. Better oil products are being used so engines can withstand more pressure. If you are using an older model, check how much oil your car is consuming before approaching your repairing company.
  • car repairs Epsom

  • Choose Your Repairing Company Wisely
    When it is about car repairs in Epsom, you will come across numerous companies offering the service. Just make sure the one you opt for uses diagnostic software to check the fault in your vehicle and replace the faulty parts with genuine products. The mechanics should be fully trained and capable of determining the smallest issue in your car. They should always remain active to respond to your query.
  • Try Some DIY
    Even if you are not an expert in car repairing, undertaking some DIY minor tasks can help you in saving few bucks. For example, you can change the wiper blades or the air filter all by yourself. Though trying a DIY is a cool idea, have a talk with your local mechanic first so that they can help you choose the right parts for your car.

Simply following the tips stated above and knowing how the car repairing industry works will definitely help you to save hundreds of dollars in the future!

Opting For Car Repairs In Epsom? 7 Quick Tips To Save Few Bucks

Buying a car has definitely being a big investment for you. But before you could cope up with it, you had to start spending more bucks for repairing purposes. Car repair is something you simply can’t avoid, though there are few tips and tricks you can follow to save a considerable amount or delay the frequency of repairing your vehicle. The cost of repair is generally dependent on the state you are living in.

Few Tips To Save Money While Repairing Car In Epsom


1. Go Through The Owner’s Manual:

Having a look at the Maintenance Guide will help you know the duration of maintenance services as suggested by the manufacturer. The owner’s manual also provides tips on how to take care of individual car parts so as to enhance their longevity, thus helping you to save money in the long-run.

2. Undergo The Preventive Maintenance Test:

Shortlisting a company offering the service isn’t a daunting task, but estimating whether they are really reliable is a bit tough. The best way to check their reliability is to opt for an oil filter or oil change. This is treated to be a vital step towards preventive maintenance as it offers you the scope to ask them more about the manual.

3. Beware Of Duplicate Labour Charge:

There are situations when it becomes compulsory for the mechanic to remove various parts of your vehicle to understand the base of the issue or repair it. Try negotiating a reduced labour charge so that you don’t end-up paying them separately for replacing each part.

4. Look For Warning Signs:

If the Check Engine light flashes while the car is being started, get it checked immediately. Often owners tend to neglect these warning signs believing those to be simple and unaware of its consequences. Unless immediate action is taken, the engine of your vehicle might get damaged severely very soon.

5. DIY The Easy Repairing:

Though visiting companies offering car repair services is compulsory, there are few repairing tasks you can do it yourself. Try changing those wiper blades or the air filters by going through the internet. Though, seeking advice from your repairing company about the correct wiper blade is advisable.

6. Look For A Reliable Repairing Shop:

With numerous companies offering car repairs in Epsom, getting references from family, friends, and co-workers can help you a great deal. Make sure the one you approach has certified technicians as it will give you the assurance that the repairing is being done by reliable staffs.

7. Look For A Ding And Dent Specialist:

Every car owner knows that the issue of developing dents, dings, and chips in the vehicle is quite common. All these affect their paint finish. Scrapping your vehicle because of those minor issues isn’t a wise thing to do. Getting those repaired from a specialist can help in maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Follow the tips stated above if you are willing to save some serious money while repairing cars in Epsom!

7 Unique and Essential Points to Choose a Car servicing Company in Epsom

Meeting an accident is unfortunate indeed. But finding the car damaged after the mishap is heartbreaking. And you need a car repairing service at once. Finding out a vehicle repairing service is like to get a family physician whom you can believe blindly.

Do you need a car repairing centre in Epsom? Everyone wants to choose the best service centre. But seeking for a great automobile service provider is more difficult than you think. It’s a challenging as well as an essential job when your vehicle has already met an accident.

Let’s know some points that suggest you the ways to choose the right service centre in Epsom.


    • Ask your friends, colleagues and relatives 

      The best way to select a right repairing company is to ask someone whom you can depend on. Friends and relatives are the most trustworthy institution to ask for. Consulting with colleagues who had gone through the same problem proves to be fruitful.

    • Find out a certified company

      A certificate proves the mechanical and the technical knowledge of the company as well as the team of the employees. A certified company can provide you with the best repair service in Epsom.
    • Look for the insurance

      Going to a certified company of car servicing in Epsom is the safest place aver. What if the repairing team damages your vehicle or any part of the car accidentally? Well, don’t be surprised, I can happen. An insured company will help you out of the situation. They will mend the damage on their own responsibility as they are insured. Choosing an insured servicing company is not only gives you a mental peace but increases your faith in the particular company.

    • Make Comparison 

      The comparison is the best way to find out the best service. Fortunately, technology gives you a vast opportunity to find and judge the right one seating in your own house. Visit different company’s website and compare after going through their quotes.

    • Ask for referrals 

      Visiting the website will not become fruitful until you can’t ask for some referral names and contact numbers of their previous customers. Call the few of them and ask their experiences while dealing with the particular company. Choose the one whose customer will give you satisfactory replies of your asked questions.

    • Experience 

      Experienced certificate of a company is saying you in a hushed tone that they are knowledgeable. Don’t choose a car service company who haven’t experienced more than 10 years. If you can find some company with 20 or more years of experience, don’t lose the chance. Grab them at once.

    • Affordability 

      Cheap and affordable are not the same. If any company promise you to serve in cheaper than others, stop and think twice. Go with those whose price is reasonable and affordable.

Hope you go through all the 7 points and make a firm decision to choose a car servicing company accordingly.