How to Avoid Being Ripped off at a Garage

Visiting a garage for car repairs can be an expensive and baffling experience, especially if you have limited knowledge of car maintenance. Having less to no knowledge leaves drivers to rely more on the mechanics to put their vehicle right. This imbalance in knowledge can even make them prone to easy rip offs as well as sharp practice.

Before Choosing a Garage

Even if you don’t have any knowledge, trawling the Internet or buying a manual for you model, may give you some ideas based on which you can identify gross faults of the car that need to be fixed. Having this knowledge would help you not being overcharged for the work though under the consumer law, a garage can’t charge you irrationally. To get a fair idea of the costs for different repair works, you may shop around at some of the local garages. Whenever you are charged with a price, you should ask whether this is a quote or an estimate for the job. You should also check if it includes all parts, labour charge and VAT. Or else you may be stung.

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Steps to Follow To Avoid Being Fooled.

Now look at these steps following which you can avoid being ripped off by the garage.

  • All the work and parts should be guaranteed for at least one year. This is something that only a very few garages offer. Make sure you ask before handing over any amount.
  • If any part is to be replaced, make sure you ask the garage to show you the part or parts afterwards and explain you what they have done and why. Any reputed garage would be happy to provide you with every explanation and information you require. They might even send you photos and/or free video to your phone so you can see what has been done and its outcomes. This would eliminate any confusion or chances of nasty financial surprises.
  • Asking your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours would be a great way to find a good and reliable garage. However, make sure your acquaintance also drives the same type of car to yours. It would be even better if theirs are also bought from the same manufacturer as yours. People often think that the best place to get their car serviced is the franchised dealer while the reality is there are better alternatives too!
  • It is recommended that you ask the garage technicians about their qualification and experience. However, some information you can also find on the web. Such information includes if they are member of any of the leading motor industry trade bodies like NFDA or have signed up to Motor Codes.
  • Make sure you get invoice and receipt from the garage. You should keep these records safe. Having a complete service history might add notable value to your car. It would also add to the resale value of the car.

So these are just a few tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a garage for car repairs.


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