5 Myths About Car Repairs in Epsom Owners Should Be Aware Of

Only a car owner can understand how important it is to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals. When I say “at regular intervals”, I mean “at fixed intervals” and not “regularly” or “daily”. Many owners think that to maintain the new condition of the vehicle regular maintenance it necessary. Though, maintaining it regularly might be helpful, but definitely not necessary. Such beliefs are nothing more than myths. Few other myths about car repairs are as follows.

•  Changing Air Filters Offer Better Mileage

Neither will be a dirty air filter reduce fuel mileage nor will a clean filter enhance it. With the passage of time, air filters are bound to become dirty and changing them becomes necessary. But that definitely does not affect the mileage. Since a dirty air filter restricts the air entering the engine so the fuel added is also low. Less fuel gives less mileage.

•  Rotate The Tyres To Balance Them

Rotating tyres has never and will never help to balance them! Rotating tyres makes the tyre wears to even out. While installation of tyres the wheels are balanced which last the entire lifetime of the tyre. A balance is required when the tyre or a balance weight is removed from the wheel. You can understand the wheel balance has been hampered when you drive at 30 MPH and the vehicle vibrates.

•  Serpentine Belts Having Cracks Should Be Changed

Small cracks in the belt are quite common and that definitely does not mean that its quality has deteriorated. You can understand the serpentine belt needs to be changed when the belt frays, the cord becomes exposed, develops deep cracks, or pieces of the cord start missing. Sometimes professionals you approach for car servicing in Epsom can inform you about it.

•  Always Opt For Tyre Dressing

Tyres are one of the products that really do not require any dressing. The rubber of high-quality tyres has anti-ozone material that protects the product. In fact, some chemicals that are genuinely used for tyre dressing can crack the side walls or damage it. Sometimes these chemicals get into the brakes and deteriorate its functioning.

•  Align Your Wheels Every Year

Undergoing a wheel alignment does not fall under the category of maintenance so performing them regularly is not required. Just hitting potholes does not knock out the wheels from their alignment. One can understand that it’s time to undergo car repairs in Epsom when the wheel shows sign of wear and tear to one side or the steering wheel crooks when you are driving straight.

Why Car Repairing Is Necessary?

Repairing and maintaining your vehicle is important if you want to enjoy a smooth journey. Since the engine is the heart of the vehicle, utmost care should be rendered to it. Just be aware of the myths! Opt for repairing only when you feel and not what the myth states.


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